The failed Houthi missile strike caused no casualties

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wholesale replica designer handbags It’s worth considering Haley’s adamant stance in light of what has happened since. The failed Houthi missile strike caused no casualties, but it prompted Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies to tighten their blockade on Yemen best replica designer bags and intensify the war against the Houthis. Since then, the country’s epochal humanitarian crisis has only worsened, and airstrikes carried out by the Saudi led coalition have killed dozens of civilians.. wholesale replica designer handbags

replica handbags china The World Health Organization expressed concern on Saturday over the fighting around Hodeida, calling for unbroken aid access and protection of health workers. Partners to call on all parties to the conflict to protect the port, and allow its uninterrupted functioning. We also call on all parties to protect high end replica bags health workers and their facilities from harm, as well as to ensure unimpeded access for medical teams seeking to treat the wounded. replica handbags china

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